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Cleveland County EMS is a governmental agency, located  50 miles South West of Charlotte in Cleveland County, North Carolina.  Paramedic services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Response time goals are 11 minutes or less 90% of the time.  Service area is 468 square miles that serves a population of 98,000, with a yearly call volume of about 17,000 patients.  The fleet consists of Quick Response Vehicles (QRV) and Paramedic Ambulances that play a duel roll as a Critical Care Units.   We have 69 full time Field personnel, four administrative staff and a compliment of 48 part-time employees. 

There are nine stations throughout the county to provide the fastest, safest care to the residents of our community. CCEMS is continually growing and has nine paramedic ambulances and three QRV’s in service.  The rescue squads of our county are utilized to assist the Paramedic and provide transport capabilities.  

Each shift has a Captain, Lieutenant, and a Field Training Officer (FTO) with twenty additional Paramedics, Intermediates and Basic EMT‘s that work together to provide the most efficient care and assistance to the people of Cleveland County.

Cleveland County became a separate county from Rutherford and Lincoln in 1841 and Shelby was established as the county seat in 1842. Cleveland County was named after Col. Benjamin Cleveland: Shelby was named after Col Isaac Shelby. Both were heroes in the Battle of Kings Mountain, a turning point in the Revolutionary War. The Kings Mountain Battleground, a national park, is located 16 miles from Shelby. Shelby was the home of such illistrious sons as O.Max Gardner, governor (1929-1933) and Ambassador to Great Brittain; Clyde R. Hoey, Governor (1937-1941) and U.S. Senator (1946-1955); E.Y. Webb, congressman and Federal Judge: Hatcher Hughes, Pulitzer Prize winner (1924) and Thomas Dixon, author of the Clansman and other historical novels. 

Shelby is also home to the famous blue grass artist, Earl Scruggs.

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