Specialized Teams

Swiftwater Rescue                               SMAT III (State Medical Assistance Team)

Specialized Teams and Trailers VIDEO – Part 1 

                                                                               Part 2

SAR ( Search and Rescue Team) 
A man with Alzheimer’s wanders away from home, a hunter or hiker is missing, a group of school children are stranded in a flood… Search and rescue is a life-saving vocation. And the ability to save a life is often dependent upon how quickly the person can be found and accessed. If the missing person is one of your loved ones, you will expect well-equipped, well-trained search and rescue professionals to bring your loved one home safely to you.

IMT (Incident Management Team)
IMT has become the benchmark by which all disasters or incidents requiring the formation of any team. Its based upon a flexible, scalable response organization providing a common framework within which people can work together effectively. These people may be drawn from multiple agencies that do not routinely work together, and IMT is designed to give standard response and operation procedures to reduce the problems and potential for miscommunication on such incidents.

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