SMAT III (State Medical Assistance Team)

A SMAT III Team is an EMS or Fire Department based team that is designed to be the first line of response in support of local agencies in the event of a decontamination event or mass medical care event.  There are currently twenty-nine SMAT III teams across the State. 







  • Provide a first line of defense locally, assist at hospitals, or respond regionally or statewide at the request of the North Carolina Department of Emergency Management.
  • Provide local decontamination/medical treatment teams that can rapidly assist/start decontamination operations on victims of chemical exposures or other incidents that would require decontamination.



 Team Activation:

  • SMAT III teams can be activated to provide rapid victim decontamination and mass casualty medical care on a local, regional, or statewide level.
  • Teams should be able to deploy locally within a one hour and be ready to deploy statewide within two hours.
  • Teams can be activated by the local host agency, or regionally or statewide by the North Carolina Department of Emergency Management through the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement.

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