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CCEMS Mash-Up – This is a three minute piecemeal of the videos produced over the last year. It’s fast paced and showcases how involved the organization is in its community and how they are dedicated to their profession.

Staging  Video presented at the EMS M&M Conference on 2/7/2011@ CRMC.  Highlights  / Discussion on current trends with the topic of EMS Staging.

McBrayer Video presented at the EMS M&M Conference on 2/7/2011@ CRMC. Mrs Mcbrayer suffered a complete arm amputation and reattachment from MVA.

Boy Scout Rendezvous 2010

Make a Difference – FairShare Video

Recruitment Video

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  • That is an GREAT recuitment video! It makes me want to be part of your team. I have worked for Stanly County EMS for some time and its great to have the brotherhood/sisterhood EMS has!

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