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The mission of ClevelandCountyEmergency Medical Services (CCEMS) is to provide a superior patient care system which is compassionate and cost effective.  To continuously strive to develop and incorporate advancements in pre-hospital care and knowledge to improve the quality of patient care.

CCEMS Mash-Up video     Recruitment Video

Think Again Video    CCEMS PR video presentation;  Drug Abuse

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Click our recruitment video to see what Cleveland County EMS is all about

1.  Our new Ambulances are all about safety.
2. Our bench seat sports 6 point harness systems.
3. Prom Promise – our service participates in many school and community awareness programs.
4. Prom Promise @ Crest high School.
5. Members of our Swiftwater Team training at Nantahala.
6. A few of our vehicles.
7. Life Pak 12 simulator for training.
8. SMAT III technicians during training.
9. On Shift King Airway/IO training.

Cleveland County EMS is more than just an ambulance service, it’s an organization that encourages its people to pursue knowledge, hands on training and experience in other areas. Just in this last year some people have taken classes in SwiftWater Rescue (SRT1), SMAT III, Collapsed Structure, Trench Rescue, Search and Rescue (SAR), USAR, Rappelling – high and low angle, Confined Space Rescue, Incident Command Team, and Disaster Medicine.

We also are community driven. We teach Kid Tips to the County’s kindergarteners, the Safe Teens Programs are held at the high schools (with nurses and State Troopers) aimed at 15 and 16 year olds about to become new drivers. There is a Texting While Driving Class we participated in with NC Highway Patrol. Prom Promise is a large event utilizing all resources in our area to put on a mock car accident at a local high school teaching the students about drinking and driving. We also have Safety Town at the local mall where on Mondays and Fridays free blood pressure and blood glucose checks are given to anyone who wants it. We have safety programs at Safety T0wn with Shelby Fire Department, Shelby Police Department and the NC State Troopers. We held a Flu Clinic last month and will participate in several more during the flu season. We also helped set up several hands on stations like extrication, rappelling, GPS, and the burn building at the community college for the Boys Scout Rendezvous. Our service and its people are busy doing what we do the best; helping the community and working together to increase knowledge and skills in order to better serve.

Make a Difference – FairShare Video

The Make a Difference Video shows how CCEMS gives back to the community. 58 out of 67 full time employees dontated 20 thousnad dollars in the year 2010 to help the people of Cleveland County.  See for youself.

Boy Scout Rendezvous 2010

3,500 Boy Scouts camped at the fairgrounds October 23rd 2010. During that weekend CCEMS set up several hands on stations for the scouts. The boys had tons of fun. Check out this crazy music video of their weekend.

MDT Video

This video was a pitch to county commissioners for Mobile Data Terminals in 2010. The project was approved and are up and running since May of 2011.

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